We deliver products from Dubai to all countries of the world. Delivery cost depends on your quantity. The more products you order together, lower the delivery cost for each product. After ordering the product will be ready, once it is ready you will get it at your address within 4/5 days. Insha-Allah
You can order from any country in the world and collect from our factory for free, if possible

For example

If you order ten pieces abaya then the cost per piece is 2 USD, if you order 20 pieces then the cost of each product is 1.5 USD, if you order 50 pieces then the cost of each product is 1 USD.


We deliver all over the world at lowest cost. Estimated shpping time 10 to 20 days.

How to order & Check your Shipping cost

  • 1) Go to shop page
  • 2) Click on the product you want to order
  • 3) select the variation (Size, Colour, quality). Enter your quantity & click add to cart bottom. (Add each size and color in this way)
  • 4) Come back and choose another product (Select as before)
  • 5) When all the products have been added, click checkout bottom.
  • 6) Enter Your Name, address, phone Number, Email, Enter account username & password
  • 7) Select your Shipping Option & Select Your payment method
    You can see the delivery cost if you give the location
  • 8) 🔲 click on terms & conditions box & click on PLACE ORDER bottom

*Congratulations You are completing the order